Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dermal Bee Venom Relaxing Cream

50 mL, price varies depending on where you get it, ~$15-25 USD

I bought this awhile back on HK Yahoo Auction ($120 HKD), used it for a few months ago before I write this review.
The product was so popular in Korea that I had to go through other channels to get it.
You are to use Syn-ake products in the morning and Bee venom products at night time.
Ingredients include royal jelly and hyaluronic acid to provide a high level of moisture, aloe for soothing effect.

What does bee venom do??
- revitalizes and renews your skin, giving a naturally younger looking skin
- visibly improve skin tone and elasticity
- works by gently stinging the skin with proteins derived from bee venom, the skin reacts as if it has been stung, tricks the skin to produces elastin and collagen which are necessary to product youthful looking skin, relaxes muscles that cause wrinkles

Bee venom products are a natural alternative to botox, requires no needles, painless and affordable.
You can make natural facial expressions, whereas botox treatments tend to make the face look unnatural and frozen.

The texture is not as thin as the Dermal Syn-ake High Lifting Cream 
It feels a little bit thicker, hence it's more suitable for night time 
serum + moisturizer works best if you want to see results

I am quite happy with the product so far!
I do not have deep wrinkles since I am not old enough to get them yet...
but I think this product works quite well in reducing fine lines

Dermal also has Bee Venom sheet masks which costs ~$0.50 USD each!! 
I will review them later on~

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