Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk Lotion

150 mL, 598 yen

soy bean extracts -- moisturizing
natural collagen -- protect your skin against UV damage

milky white in color, watery emulsion, suitable for day time

Those with dry skin will probably think this one isn't moisturizing enough...
I would suggest you follow with a face cream after applying this milky lotion 

I saw a lot of good reviews for this line!

All ingredients are natural, fragrance free, non-greasy 
However, the milk lotion is different from the toner.. my skin feels sticky afterwards...
i live in Canada.. climate is cool and cold.. not humid at all.. so it really shouldn't feel sticky!!
probably because my skin is combo to oily?
so I would say this product is suitable for normal to dry skin... 

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  1. Oh no i was actually going to buy this after seeing your blog title xD... Nvm eheh. I like the milky lotions because i don't want to always use the creamy oily...stuff. I heard cetaphil was good so i bought it and lol...reading some blogs i see that like 8/10 of it's ingrefiants are chemicals. Dermatoligist recomended eh? I see what they did there -3-; anywho~ i love your blogs! Pretty colors :3



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