Friday, April 5, 2013

Laneige Hydra Solution Cream

50mL, 40000 won, $350 HKD

Ingredients include tropical plant and marine extracts, which locks moisture into your skin for hours. 

Snow water has 4 functions:﹕
- balances moisture- cleanses- provides oxigen- renews your skin

Laneige products are rather pricey compared to other brands in Korea.

The texture isn't too thick.. rather acceptable.
I usually use cream during the night, but even if I use this one during the day, it isn't too sticky..
However, it kind of leaves a film on your skin.. lots of cream does that
Suitable for any skin type since it provides a lot moisture and hydration for your skin.
It improves skin texture and gives radiance if your skin became rough, dull and dehydrated due to weather changes.

It comes in a purple elegant jar with a spatula so you don't need to dip your fingers into the jar.
I start to get into the habit of using a spatula for any skincare in a jar.

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