Monday, April 22, 2013

Skinfood Papaya Yogurt Mask (Wash Off)

100 g, 4900 won

I've never used a mask that makes my skin baby soft!!
it does such an awesome job moisturizing my skin!!
but.. shouldn't papaya be orange??
maybe this one is a green papaya??
I thought I bought the wrong mask.. a kiwi mask.. cause there's seed in it....

All ingredients are natural!
suitable for any skin type, including sensitive skin
It smells like honeydew and bubble gum
papaya extracts can remove dead skin cells, moisturize and softens
It is also rich in vitamins which helps balance skin tone
The packaging looks like an ice-cream cup!

wash and dry your face
massage the yogurt mask onto your skin
seeds can help exfoliate and won't melt
wait ~15 mins and wash with luke warm water
you will notice the difference RIGHT AWAY!!

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