Saturday, October 6, 2012

Skinfood Mung Bean Jelly Point Makeup Remover

85mL, 4500 won, $85 HKD
Contains green pea extract, does not irritate your skin, mild, and non-greasy.

The texture is light, gel, and refreshing.

Instructions says to put a small amount onto a cotton pad, light wipe it around yours eyes and lips area. Another way is to directly apply it onto your make up area, cleanse in circles, and wash with warm water.

Let's do some testing.

A. Shu Uemura Foundation
B. Clinque Quick Eye Liner
C. Eye Shadow
D. BB Cream

I put some Jelly Point Makeup Remover on the area, cleanses for ~1 min, except the eye liner, everything else disappeared.

At the end, ~25% of the eye liner still remains...

Overall, this product can remove light makeups such as foundation, BB cream, blush and light eyeshadow. But for heavier products such as eye liner, heavy mascara, you would be better off using an eye makeup remover.

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