Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum

45mL, 14900 won, $295 HKD (so expensive in HK.....), 900 NT

Used Nanotechnology, so the molecules in the serum are so small that they can penetrate your skin pores and deep down the layers. It contains black raspberry and 12 different oriental medicinal herbs. It contains anti-oxidant and helps to prevent damage of skin cells and anti-aging.

After I tried it, hey it totally fits the description~ 
My skin feels super soft and it also does a very good with oil control. 
After a few hours my skin doesn't feel oily at all (usually it feels very oily after few hours). 
It has a pink creamy texture, but thin and easy to spread onto your skin. 
I definitely recommend this product.

There is another serum in the Black Raspberry line know as the
Skinfood Black Raspberry Water Serum, I will review this one next~ This one would probably be better for normal to oily skin and I expect that it will be lighter than the Skinfood Black Raspberry Youngyang Serum~

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