Thursday, October 25, 2012

Skinfood Black Raspberry Eye Cream

25g, 15900 won, 980 NT

I bought this on Ebay, it was marked up another 50% or more... but I can't wait to try this since I started to get fine lines around my eyes!

Black Raspberry is grown wild in Korea. It contains Vitamin A, C, minerals and other nutrients. It can increase the level of water contained in your skin, improve skin texture, improve elasticity, prevent wrinkles and dark spots.

This eye cream contains black raspberry + another 12 different herbs. It does not irritate your skin but contains a lot of nutrients... I had a feeling that it's probably too much for the eyes?

I used it for ~4 months, fine lines around my eyes did reduce... but this eye cream is so moisturizing... more suitable for people who live in dry areas like Canada or to be used during Winter time... creamy thick texture, definitely not suitable for people who lived in hot climate areas, I am scared if you used it, you might break out around your eyes.. also if you work overtime a lot, this product is suitable for you, it works as a barrier to prevent the loss of moisture around your eyes.

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