Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Skinfood Gold Caviar Toner

145mL, 19000 won, $370 HKD, 1100 NT

According to the descriptions, the caviar series include Premium Russian Caviar and 24 K gold (softens your skin). Together they can recover, moisturize, firm and supply nutrients to the bottom layer of your skin.

Caviar contains Omega-3 which helps to recover damaged skin cells, cleans up impurities within cells, reduces fine lines, hydrates, anti-ages, and softens your skin. It increases the level of absorption for other skincare that follows.

Gold contains negative ions which aids blood circulation and cells regrowth.

I received a few sample sets for this toner and emulsion, so I didn't buy the full size.

One sample set lasted me ~2 weeks. Skinfood is quite generous making big size samples.

The packaging for the full size is quite simple yet elegant. The toner smells like flower and the scent is not strong at all~ 
Many of the Skinfood products have a strong scent. The texture is just like a clear light gel, most Korean toners are thicker than other watery toners. It doesn't feel oily, feels super hydrating and refreshing and absorbs fast!! Same feeling I had for the Innisfree Olive Real Skin and Skinfood Black Raspberry Toner. 

The 24K gold as one of the ingredients make me feel elegant!! 

I've never used a "golden" skincare product ever in my life~ HAHA!!

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