Friday, December 13, 2013

South Korea Tax Refund (airport)

Updated Dec 13, 2013

Korea now has 3 tax refund companies...
1) Global Tax Refund
2) Global Tax Free

This is by far the most stupid way to do tax refund.....

- you need to line up 3 times...
- #1 Global Tax Refund and #2 Global Tax Free counters INSIDE the gate, beside each other at Gate 28  
- #3 Cube Refund -- you need to scan your receipts into the Cube Refund that is OUTSIDE the gate (where you get the custom stamp), then you head into Gate 27 to get cash from the Cube Refund machine

Takes about 30 mins to get your tax refund....

Follow the procedure below:

If you see the above signs in front of the store, then the goods you buy from Korea are tax free. But just in case, go ask the salespeople. They might not understand English, just ask "Tax Free"? Sometimes if it's on sale, they don't give you tax refund, but some stores offer tax refund even if there's a sale.

This is for Global Blue + Global Tax Free... 
** same store same receipt, spend 30000-49999 won --> REFUND 1500 won
** same store spend 50000+ won --> REFUND 3500 won
** same store, spend 30000 won x 2, they will refund you 1500 won x 2 = 3000 won
** but if you spend 60000 won altogether in 1 bill, they can refund 3500 won

Tax Refund Chart﹕
30,000 - 49,999 won --> REFUND 1500 won
50,000 - 74,999 won 
--> REFUND  3500 won
75,000 - 99999 won 
--> REFUND 5000 won
100,000 - 124,999 won 
--> REFUND 6000 won
125,000 - 149,999 won 
--> REFUND 7500 won
150,000 - 174,999 won 
--> REFUND 9000 won
175,000 - 199,999 won 
--> REFUND 10000 won
200,000 - 224,999 won 
--> REFUND 12000 won

** if you did spend a big sum of money in 2 separate transactions, try talking to the salesperson to see if they can combine the receipts for a bigger refund. I've done that and have no problems **

2. When you arrive to the airport, go check in first. Tell the check in representative your luggage contains tax refundable goods. He will weigh it, DON'T PUT THIS LUGGAGE ON THE BELT YET, go to Counter D or J (Oversize Baggage Input area), show your receipts and goods to the customs clerk (if you are lucky enough to meet a lazy dude, he will just take a glance at your items and stamp your receipts). Check to make sure you get all receipts back then put your luggage on the belt.

** Remember all cosmetics over 100mL are NOT allowed in hand-carry luggages **

** If your tax free goods are in your hand-carry luggages, go through immigration and you'll see Customs Counter at Counter C, E, H, and K. Follow Step 2 above. 

3. Go through immigration, then to Gate 27 & 28 to get your tax refund (USD or won)
** Gate 27 - Cube Refund
** Gate 28 - Global Blue Tax Refund, Global Tax Free

4. Enjoy the rest of your shopping trip in duty free stores. 

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