Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Anna Sui Lip and Eye Make up Remover

100 mL, $18 CAD

I was attracted by the packaging ~~!!
Anna Sui products all have the signature rose scent, because Anna Sui herself is a big fan of Roses!
The Anna Sui Eye Makeup Remover has a very girly and elegant packaging. 
This is one of the reasons why I buy this product ~~
I have tried several eye make up removers and the ones that work to remove heavy eye make up all have 2 layers of liquid in the bottle!

I was a little lazy taking demo pics on this one... 

The liquid inside the bottle separates into 2 clear layers and is said to provide dual make up removal action... 
The top layer is rich in delicate oils and removes waterproof make-up effectively
While the bottom layer is a gentle lotion that gives a fresh feeling and moisturises the skin
You MUST shake the bottle well before use, the 2 layers must mix well before application.

It can remove basically ALL eye makeup such as waterproof mascara, liquid liner, heavy eyeshadow.
It performs like the Lancome Bi-Facil Double Eye Make Up Remover.
I am using Dior eyelash serum, ICONIC mascara, then sometimes their Extreme mascara... 
these are almost the heaviest mascara you will ever see!
This eye make-up remover does a good job removing them!!
However, you do have to wipe it a few times before you get everything off.
It is not greasy, does not sting, irritate or dry out my skin...

How to use an eye make up remover?
- use 2 cotton pads, one for each eye
- soak the pad with a descent amount of make up remover
- put the cotton pads over your eyes for 15-30 sec to dissolve the make-up
- GENTLY wipe the makeup away preferably in small dabbing motions
- to remove mascara, gently sweep the pad down the lid, follow the direction of the eyelashes from roots to tips 
- the eyes are one of the most sensitive areas on the face, you must be gentle at all times, otherwise wrinkles will form easily !! Avoid rubbing or you will irritate the eyes area. 

Overall, I like the pretty packaging a lot!! It does a good job cleaning my eyes.. however in terms of the size.. I don't use it a lot but they do run out fast ! 

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