Sunday, December 15, 2013

South Korea Trip - Tips on Transportation

Getting from airport to your hotel is easier now!
There's subway that will take you from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station, from there you can transfer to your hotel. 

Subway map and transportation information

Korea Subway

They used a card called T-money, which is the card below

you put the card into a machine, then put 5000-10000 won into the card
every time you go somewhere it just deducts fare
when you enter the gate, they deduct 1000 won, if extra fare is needed, they will deduct more when you leave the station
T-money costs ~3000 won each and comes in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English

Each stop has a google satellite map and free phone

This is a 1 day, 2 day, 3 day, 5 day, and 7 day pass, you can take up to 20 rides per day...  it expires at midnight on the last day of validity. It can be used on buses, taxis, selected 
convenience stores.

There's a refundable deposit of 4500 won and a non-refundable service fee of 500 won. The M pass comes with a discount booklet of coupons for popular tourist attraction admissions.

1 day pass - 10000 won
2 day pass - 18000 won
3 day pass - 25500 won
5 day pass - 42500 won
7 day pass - 59500 won

The 1 day M-pass might be good if you are taking the subway to leave, which costs ~3500 won, then take another 6-7 single trips. 

something I hate about Korea subway.....
we know the station closes at 12am... 
one day we were able to catch the train before 12am
then it stopped right at 12pm and everyone is ask to leave the train and the station...
we are at the middle of nowhere... wow!!!
shouldn't there at least be a last train?? 
there's none.... all the trains just stop right at 12am and passengers were ask to leave.... what the....??
besides .... there's something really bad about the gates... 
let's say you entered the wrong gate, there's no way for you to go back to the other side
you will have to exit, pay fare again to enter the right gate... 
unless you stay in the wrong side and take the subway to a station where you can cross back to the other side for free... 

Our motel is on Jong no 5 ga (a street)
We took Subway from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station, then change to Line 1 and off at Jong-no 5 ga station.
Airport Express #6002 can go there
it stops at section 4 and section 6 of the street, we just walk to section 5
10000 won per ticket, 1000 won discount after coupon
go to the counter in the picture below
earliest bus starts at 5:00am

an example of how an airport express looks like

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