Thursday, May 31, 2012

South Korea Trip - Tips on Yummy Food

I didn't think too much about food before I came to Korea...
I only thought about shopping.... 
Since my boyfriend is always waiting for me while I shop...
I bought 2 books for him to check out where we should eat... 

1st meal, we had tofu hot pot near our motel
this isn't a tourist area, food is very cheap!!
5000 won for a tofu pot (forgot to take pictures)
we paid 1000 won more for stone rice

I ordered gyoza tofu pot, there's 10+ gyoza, sooo good!!!
My boyfriend ordered beef tofu pot
we went 2 more times, then I thought I already took pics
haha.. I didn't!!! 

At night we went to Myeongdong for BBQ
many people ordered pork bone hot pot.. 
but we didn't have enough money... cause haven't exchanged money yet...
we ordered what we thought is a dry BBQ
but it was actually wet BBQ! so much soup~~

18000 won

Sinchon/ Ewha University area

We were trying to find Beauty Credit, walked so long... we were dead tired!!!
saw a place for food!!! so cheap!!! 
4900 won for BimBimbop, 4900 won for a seafood noodle + 1 plate of BBQ meat
the soup is soooo good!! Korea was super super cold, I was so dehydrated I need soup!!
We had no luck finding Beauty Credit... 
according to the map Beauty Credit should be nearby... 
we ask one of the salesperson in a shop and she said it changed name to Etude House!!!
I almost exploded.... gees....
many people have never heard of Beauty Credit... no wonder why it closed down...

Myeongdong Gyoza

8000 won per dish
there's only 4 dish to choose from!
Gyoza, Kim Chi noodles, Ground meat noodles, soya milk noodles

We ate here 2x, food is pretty good!!
Even Koreans come here!!
There are 2 line ups, one upstairs, one downstairs.
you sit down, order, pay then eat.. kind of like a fast food restaurant
line up is super long! but because they only have 4 dishes, basically you order and food comes right away
they are American sizes!!!
1st time we ordered 2 noodles + 1 gyoza... that's too much!!!
We saw 2 Japanese girls sharing a bowl of noodles... ha ha
2nd time we go, we ordered 1 noodle + 1 gyoza 
the amount was just right!

土俗村 (I don't know the English name for this place...)
tourist area....
the book says this is the place for Ginseng Chicken soup
people who came are all tourists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan and etc.... 
all the workers can speak Mandarin and Japanese

13,000 won for 1 Ginseng Chicken soup
20,000 won for 1 Silky Ginseng Chicken soup

Each order comes with 2 cups of Ginseng wine, I poured 1 cup into the soup cause there wasn't any Ginseng taste... gees that was too much!!!!
portion is big!! it's enough for 2 ppl!!
there's sticky rice in the chicken



This restaurant is in Myeongdong, but not near the beauty shops.. it's at one of the outer streets
Beauty Ginseng Chicken soup and Healthy Ginseng Chicken Soup ( I forgot which is which... ) but nice names!! 

names of the soup are pretty attractive!!!
I didn't pour any ginseng wine into the soup this time!
but I discover Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup really doesn't have a strong ginseng taste!!

Seafood BBQ (near Sinchon and Ewha University)

When I entered I already spotted 2 tables of Chinese tourist... all from Hong Kong... holding the same book as us.... 
My boyfriend and I felt like piggies being sold ha ha
it's not really clean inside... more like a street eating place but inside....
We ordered a 44,000 won meal, this is the medium portion
they have small, medium, large and extra large portion
waiter will help you BBQ
he also knows a big English

Enoki mushroom with rice cake
BBQ scallop
BBQ shrimp
raw oysters 
tofu soup

tiny clams soup

BBQ stove

we were quite satisfied with this meal!!

Many people were talking about how good the banana milk and Market O Real Brownie is
I bought some right after I went to Lotte Mart

individual packing, thick, chewy, tastes pretty good!!!

1000 won milk, there's banana, strawberry and light 
I like strawberry a lot better than the banana (very artificial)

sweet spongy cookie
looks like the big round ones from chinese bakery

very creative cake!! 

saw there enormous seaweed in Lotte Mart....
it's about the size of 3-4 A4 sheets of paper


Korea strawberries are grown in ginseng field
super sweet!!! but also super expensive!!!
the box below costs 7000-9000 won in many places!!
I found one for 5000 won

I saw many people buying boxes of Shin Ramen to Hong Kong...
I ordered a few boxes for my customers earlier
they said the ones made in Korea tasted more elastic then the ones they buy in HK or elsewhere....
I bought one to try 
but I didn't take a picture... coz they all look the same!! 

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