Wednesday, May 30, 2012

South Korea Trip - Great Tips on Money Exchange

The first time I went to Korea, I exchanged all my Korea won in Hong Kong... the rate sucks!!!
This time I did my homework =)
I exchanged a bit in the airport then I exchanged more in the city.
We brought USD... that day the market rate was ~1 USD = 1120 won
airport gave us 1085, we used a coupon and got 1095...
my boyfriend thinks it's interesting ha ha 1st time exchanging money using a coupon!
We exchanged 210,000 won then left for the hotel

But stupid me... always shop shop shop... 210,000 won is only good for 2 days!!
paid 55,000 won for 1st night, spent ~40,000 won for food... the rest... I wasn't sure where it went!! 
We have been keeping our eyes open for places with a good rate 
Many shops in Myeongdong offer 1100 exchange rate, finally we found a 7-11 which gave us 1115
We were starving at that time, so we ate then came back.....
But... it's passed 12am... =( the rate dropped to 1108!!! OMG~~~!!!!
We have to exchange $4000 USD so the rate must be high!!!! 
That's a difference of (1115 - 1108) x $4000 USD = 28,000 won
The cashier told us if we exchange between 12-9am, the rate will definitely NOT be good....
told us to come back between 9am - 11:59pm the next day, then the rate will go back to 1115
ok fine.... next day we wake up early and exchanged money 

For $4000 USD we exchanged 4,460,000 won ~~

haha feels so good to be rich!!!!
I am shopping with millions in my wallet hohoho~~

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