Thursday, May 31, 2012

South Korea Trip - Tips on Hotel/Motel

My friend introduced me to Amiga Motel. Prices are different depending on the website you go to.... tripadvisor, Innostel all have different prices... I found their email and directly booked a room with them. I do not need to pay yet. The motel is managed by a family, daughter can speak a bit of English, mother can speak Korean and Japanese, father can speak very little Japanese.

Address: 110-470 193-9 Yeonji-Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul 
Modern 40,000
Classic Modern 45,000
Deluxe 55,000 won
Twin 70,000
Deluxe Twin 80,000

Airport Express will stop on Jongno 4 ga and Jongno 6 ga (section 4 and section 6 of Jongno street) and the hotel is on Jongno 5 ga. Extremely easy to find!! Location is very convenient!! We got off at Jongno 4 ga, walk straight until you see Family Mart and a subway entrance on the opposite side of the street, this is Jongno 5 ga. Walk into the little street for about 2 mins, sometimes you will see the sign below, but usually just at night time, cause in the morning, the guests will all go out. When you see the sign, turn right. 

There's a post office on Jongno 5 ga. Motel has a cart you can borrow if you have lots to ship back. This isn't a tourist area, but there's lots of places to eat and prices are good!! We had a tofu pot for just 5000 won, add 1000 won for rice in stone bowl. 

This is where you turn right 

extremely clean washroom! 2 ppl can shower together ha ha!! One in the tub and one just standing!!

We booked a Deluxe Room, 55,000 won/night. The room is so big!! We paid 330,000 won for 6 nights, no more discount, cash only if book directly with motel. But we still got a deal, we didn't have to pay any extra tax and what sort..whereas if we book through website, we have to pay tax!! No computer in the room, but there's a line where you can hook up to your laptop. Rooms with computer is additional 5000 won/ night. 

They clean 1x every 2 days. 2 free cans of coffee every 2 days. If you don't drink it, too bad!! They won't put another 2 cans there for you. Towels are changed everyday, but too small.... not enough....

They kind of restrict our sleep time... they request we leave the motel around 10-11am, so they can clean... 

Plasma TV and water machine is available 

Some of the daily basics are available (toner, lotion, hair spray, air freshener)

The hotel is clean, but I really don't like their attitude. We arrived at ~9am..check in time is 2:30pm. Our flight arrived at ~5am!! we had to hang around the airport until the first airport express is available! We are dead tired already... but they said we can't check in until ~4-5pm... cause they need to clean the room... the daughter wants us to pay all the rent beforehand and don't let us pay using credit card... we haven't even exchanged money yet, how can we pay....?? Ok, so she said we can pay after... came back ~4:30pm, our luggages were in the room already. As we step into the elevator, she said "Pay!"... ok... I take that having poor English... we only exchanged enough for 1 day cause rate is not good....

The dad's attitude is most extreme.... one day they forgot to change towels for us... when I came back, I accidentally spotted where they put the clean towels so I helped myself. That day was snowing, so bottom of my shoes had ice that aren't melted yet... I didn't wanna dirty the room floor, so left my shoes outside my room. He came up and yelled at us for taking towels ourself and not asking him to bring them up.... ok I am just trying to save him some work cause he was the only one on duty... then he took my shoes and put it inside... they have a spy camera!! I don't feel good at all... I am a customer, why should I be yelled at?? First they require us to leave the hotel at 10-11am so they can clean up the rooms... I've never seen a hotel like that!! It's usually whenever the customer leaves then you go and tidy... we paid and we have to fit their schedule and convenience??

My conclusion is... if you want a place that's clean and tidy, this is a pretty good choice... but customer service and attitude is bad!!

Next time I would try Kara Motel ~~

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