Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam

Gentle Cleansing Foam

200mL ($31 USD)

Suitable for dry, sensitive, combination to dry skin, and combination skin.  Those with oily or combination to oily skin might find it not clean enough...

The Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam is the 2nd step of the Sulwhasoo program. Ingredients include white birch and Korea fir tree extract. There is a bit of heat as I was using it to clean my face. This heat helps to increase blood circulation.

A gel like cleansing form, add warm water and it will foam up. There's not a lot of form but its cleansing ability is quite good!! Since the texture is a gel, it doesn't dry up your skin and after cleansing, you will feel hydrated.

In the morning, I only used the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam.
In the evening, after using the Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil to remove my make up, I will follow with this cleansing foam to make sure no impurities are trapped in my skin.

Again, it does have a herbal scent, but not too strong, acceptable. 

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil --> Gentle Cleansing Foam --> First Care Activating Serum

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