Thursday, September 20, 2012

Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream

50 mL, ~40000 won

This is one of my favourite night creams !!
Most night creams I've used are thick with rich moisture.. a bit too rich for me..

The Laneige White Plus Renew Night Cream contains sugar maple and white birch ingredients to recover the skin surface keratin layer and turns dull skin into brightened skin.
The night cream contains more water moisture, smooth and silky feeling, not as thick and quite easy to absorb
When I wake up the next morning, I don't feel greasy !
According to the texture, it is best suitable for normal to dry skin...

How come we need to use whitening products at night... don't we just need it during the day?
From 10pm - 2am each night when you are asleep, your skin undergoes the repairing process...
During this time, if you use a strong whitening product (such as whitening essence + intensive whitening cream), it will show the strongest effect ! 
You can also use other products at the time as well, such as  wrinkles or anti-aging 
so lazy people... you must remember to put something on at night before you go to bed!!

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