Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laneige White Plus Renew Essence

40 mL, 40000-45000 won

The essence is the most important product in the whitening line !!
You really can't skip this step if you want really good whitening effects ~~
It contains strong whitening ingredients, together with the 3-stage melanin blocking effect makes your skin look brightened and transparent. 

Ingredients include:
satsuma peel extracts - achieve more clarified look with the inner skin detox
marshmallow extracts - deliver skin nutrients and recover skin flexibility effect

The texture is smooth, creamy and absorbs fast!
Since I have combination to oily skin, I find the essence quite moisturizing... 
I don't really wanna put anything more above this layer... 

The essence is contained in a plastic pump bottle, easy and clean to use.
Only 1 pump is needed for your face ~

I notice an immediate slight change in my skin tone after I applied it on...
My skin looks less dull and more brightened
I would probably get it again, but it's quite expensive....

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