Friday, April 4, 2014

It's Skin Collagen Eye Mask

1000 won/pack

The eye mask is stored in a plastic shell with 2 pieces. 
There's a paper layer and plastic layer, you put the PAPER layer on your eyes.
The first time I tried it, for some reason I put the plastic layer on and.... ha ha
You put it under your eye in the eye bag area.
Some people like to cut it in half and put the top half on the upper eye area, lower half on the lower eye area.

Collagen is an ingredient that is supposed to provide elasticity to the skin. However, studies have shown that since collagen molecules are so big, they cannot penetrate to the bottom layer of the skin. There has been no evidence to suggest that using collagen in cosmetics have direct influence on the production of collagen in skin.

Therefore.... what does it tell you?
Besides providing hydration, this mask doesn't do anything else....

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