Friday, April 11, 2014

Innisfree Mint Green Tea Shampoo

300mL, 6000 won

This is my favourite favourite shampoo!!
The previous size was 400 mL, 5000 won
Now the size decreased by 100mL and cost went up by 1000 won

The first time I used it.. 
OMG... the mint gives me a super relaxing feeling and my scalp immediately becomes softened and relaxed!! 

This is an anti-danfruff shampoo...
It contains mint & green tea which refreshes your scalp
My hair has always been oily and contains dandruff....
Finding a good shampoo has always been a problem...
I have tried Head & Shoulder, Herbal Essence Anti-dandruf Shampoo which helps a bit...
But the Innisfree Mint Green Tea Shampoo did reduced my dandruffs significantly  
If I hadn't listened to the salesperson, I would regret for sure!!!

2 pumps is good enough if you had long and lots of hair 

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