Monday, March 18, 2013

Innisfree Olive Real Moisture Foot Cream

70 mL, 8000 won

I usually use body lotion on my foot as well when I apply lotion on my body
But if you are going to wear heels or short skirt, it's better to use a foot moisturiser
The Innisfree Olive Real Moisture Foot Cream is cream-like in texture, not thick at all

Because I live in a country with cold weather, my foot is sometimes dry and flaky
This foot cream helps bring hydration and moisture to your foot to help make it look radiant.
You can also use this after a sun tan to sooth your skin

I also use it on my calves and 1 tube lasts for a really long time......

The 1st day I used it, I applied the foot cream on my dried legs....
The 2nd day I used it, my feet were already really moisturized!!
Perhaps my legs already absorbed all the essential moisture from the 1st day!

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