Friday, March 15, 2013

Innisfree Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream

50 mL, 6000 won

This is one of my favourite hand cream!!
Ingredients include extra olive virgin oil made from organic golden olives, one of the best olives ever! shea butter and vitamin E which moisturises and repairs your skin
This kind of olive originate from Crete Island in Greece (best suitable place to grow olives in the world)

It was buy 1 get 1 free when I was in Korea!
I didn't think how many I needed and bought 6!
The cream is white in color and the texture feels like whipping cream!
It's moisturises my hands deeply and absorbs fast!

What makes me so happy with this hand cream is that the moisture is still there after I wash my hands
The light olive smell is mild and gentle.
The packaging is light and easy to carry around.
This is definitely one of the must buys in Korea !!

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