Saturday, January 5, 2013

Skinfood Apple Vinegar Fresh Foam

130 mL, 6700 won

The name makes me wonder how a combination of apple and yucky vinegar smells like... 
well... I became attracted to its lovely apple smell !! 
Really wanna just eat it ha ha ~~
There's no vinegar smell at all!

The texture is a clear water jelly foam which locks the water in honey.
It cleanses and delivers a lot of water to your skin, making it look radiant.

Foams up pretty ok, I wouldn't say it foams up crazy like the Fancl washing powder.
Suitable for all skin types
Usually for water foam, it's ok for dry or normal to dry skin
Since this one contains vinegar, it does a very good job cleansing my normal to oily skin as well
My face just smelled like apple afterwards, there are no vinegar (sour) smell at all~

The price is so good in Korea! only 6700 won, that's like ~$6.2 USD. 
If you buy it in Hong Kong or Taiwan.... it's like 2-3x more expensive....

For those who have oily skin, you can use it in the morning. 
For everyone else, I would recommend using this one after your removed your make up with cleansing oil.
This one is considered a medium to strong cleanser, depending on your skin type and what time of the day you are using it.

I will for sure buy it again if I go to Korea =)

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